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智能霧化⼈員消毒通道 Smart Disinfection Cube

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The corona virus has taken over the world by surprise and it keeps on growing even though the world went on full lockdown state. People suffering from cough, fever and shortness of breath kept on struggling. These sanitizer spray for homeare supposed to increase the quick safety and prevent any bacteria from growing with in.


Individuals were requested to avoid contact with the affected areas, or avoid going out if face such certain symptoms like fever or cough. They were required to usebody sanitizer spray has been distributing.


Prevention of the deadly infectious decease required sterilizer machine which would secure the area from any sort of micro-organism. The high pressure spray machine would disperse approved disinfectants thoroughly all over our body and the other material which was set up for sterilization.


儘管世界處於完全鎖定狀態,但日冕病毒已使世界震驚,並且還在繼續增長。 患有咳嗽,發燒和呼吸急促的人不斷掙扎。 這些家用消毒噴霧劑應該增加快速安全性,並防止任何細菌隨入而生長。


要求個人避免接觸患處,或避免面對發燒或咳嗽等某些症狀而外出。 他們被要求使用身體消毒噴霧劑已經分配。


防止致命的傳染性疾病死亡的消毒機可確保該區域免受任何微生物的侵害。 高壓噴霧機可以將批准的消毒劑徹底分散在我們的身體和用於消毒的其他材料上。


人員消毒通道 tia

Disinfection is the opposite of the infection, it may involve the use of physical process or chemical indicators for sterilization to decrease, detach, deactivate or destroy any pathogenic micro-organisms. Sterilization procedures are very crucial while putting a stop to the spread of micro-organisms or bacteria between animals, between locations and from the people. You could place sanitizer dispenser every where at home and office to make them easily accessible.


消毒與感染相反,它可能涉及使用物理過程或化學指示劑進行消毒,以減少,分離,失活或破壞任何病原微生物。 在阻止微生物或細菌在動物之間,地點之間和人與人之間的傳播時,滅菌程序至關重要。 您可以在家庭和辦公室的任何地方放置消毒劑分配器,以使其易於使用。

Smart atomizer disinfection channel

In response to the severity of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many institutions, schools, and public schools need to suspend work and classes for fear of bacterial infection. For the health and safety of employees, we have designed a smart atomization personnel disinfection channel suitable for the entrance of the office. When going to work, as long as you stay in the aisle for 8-10 seconds, you can kill all the bacteria on your body 360 degrees, so that employees can go to work and go home healthy.




人員消毒通道 tia1

Can install in front of your shoe changing area in your front door (Malaysia condition only).  Many companies and schools have resumed work and classes. We consider that many companies or institutions need this product, and we are now accepting orders. The price of each set of smart atomizer disinfection channel with working materials starts at RM$6000 / HK$11000.


可以安裝在前門的換鞋區位置(僅限馬來西亞條件)。很多公司及學校準復工復課,我們考慮到很多公司或機構都需要這個產品,現在接受訂購,每套智能霧化人員消毒通道連工包料售價 RM$6000 / HK$11000起。




safety sign
  • Equipped with sensors that start and stop automatically.

  • Removes micro-organisms and viruses from your skin and garments.

  • The Disinfectant tunnel easy to install, relocate with low maintenance and high effective results.

  • The sterilizer machine is safe for any individual or any animal.

  • The unit is equipped with Sanitizer spray to disperse evenly so there aren’t any dead zone areas.


  • 配備自動啟動和停止的傳感器。

  • 去除皮膚和衣服上的微生物和病毒。

  • 消毒隧道易於安裝,重新佈置,維護成本低,效果好。

  • 消毒機對於任何個人或任何動物都是安全的。

  • 該設備配備了消毒噴霧劑,可以均勻分散,因此沒有死區。

消毒通道Cube tia.jpg

Price list (personnel channel size is calculated in meters)

1m(W) x 1.5m(L) x 2.2m(H) (including 1 atomizer) =

RM$6000 / HK$11000

1.5m(W) x 1.5m(L) x 2.2m(H) (including 2 atomizers) = RM$7500 / HK$15000

2m(W) x 1.5m(L) x 2.2m(H) = (including 2 atomizers) RM$8000 / HKS16000

2.5m(W) x 1.5m(L) x 2.2m(H) = (including 2 atomizers) RM$8500 / HKS16500



1m(W)x  1.5m(L)  x 2.2m(H) (包1部霧化機)=

RM$6000 / HK$11000

1.5m(W)x  1.5m(L)  x 2.2m(H) (包2部霧化機)=

RM$7500 / HK$15000

2m(W)x  1.5m(L)  x 2.2m(H) = (包2部霧化機)= 

RM$8000 / HKS16000

2.5m(W)x  1.5m(L)  x 2.2m(H) = (包2部霧化機)= 

RM$8500 / HKS16500


Remarks: (W) = entrance width, (L) channel length, (H) channel height

Other sizes can be customized and quoted separately

備註:(W)=入口闊度 ,(L) 通道長度,(H)通道高度


採用的消毒劑  Disinfectant Used

The disinfectant we use is a medical-grade disinfectant, which is close to the pH of human skin. It is mild and non-irritating, does not hurt the eyes, is non-toxic, harmless, and has no residue. It can be directly used for baby skin and space disinfection, and can quickly kill super Bacteria, viruses, fungi and the most difficult to kill spores.

The maximum effect can be achieved after 30 seconds of use, and it can inhibit bacteria for 7 days, with a total effective rate of 99.99%. It can decompose toxic substances in the air, such as formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


我們採用的消毒劑是醫學級滅菌消毒劑,與人體皮膚PH酸鹼值接近,溫和不刺激,不傷眼睛,無毒無害無殘留物, 可以直接用于嬰兒皮膚及空間消毒,可以速殺滅超級細菌丶病毒丶真菌及最難殺死的芽孢菌。


PL-600 tia.jpg

PL-600 Cert and Test Report (Fullset)

霧化器規格  Atomizer Specifications

​機身尺寸 430(L) X 410(H) X 300(W)

額定電壓 220V

額定頻率 50Hz



霧化量 1800ml/hour


​Body size 430(L) X 410(H) X 300(W)

Rated voltage 220V

Rated frequency 50Hz

The rated power is 140W

12L larger water tank

Atomization amount 1800ml/hour

Applicable area 50-200m2

霧化器 TIA.png
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