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設計費 TIA Interior Design Fee 

設計費 Design Fee 



需要設計地區: 香港


使用香港設計團隊 HK Designer Team 

家居設計 Home Design:  香港元HK$ 150 / 平方尺 sqft


商業設計 Commercial Design:  香港元HK$ 各有不同 tbc / 平方尺 sqft


使用馬來西亞設計團隊 Design in Malaysia KL 

家居設計 Home Design:  香港元HK$ 80 / 平方尺 sqft


商業設計 Commercial Design:  香港元HK$ 各有不同 tbc / 平方尺 sqft


需要設計地區: 馬來西亞  

家居設計 Home Design:  令吉 RM$ 30 / 平方尺 sqft

商業設計 Commercial Design:  令吉 RM$ 有待確認 tbc / 平方尺 sqft


付費階段 Stage Payment

設計費用平均分為 3至 4個付費階段 (跟分期付款概念相若)。

可以在任何階段停止, 更保障客人利益。 歡迎與我們聯絡!

We will publicly disclose design fees for public reference and increase transparency. There are no additional costs and hidden costs.

The design fee is divided into 3 to 4 payment phases (similar to the concept of instalment payment). 

Stop any stage!  More to protect the interests of guests.

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Design Consultancy Concept


The Benefit of Design Consultancy Service (Responsibility & Concept)

As the design fee separated from the construction fee, Designer can focus on the design development without thinking too much on PUSHING up the construction cost for money.  Also can truely design based on the Client need.


As the construction cost is separated, the construction cost is transparent. So that we can welcome good and low cost contractor to price for the project to ensure the construction cost is fair, open and is competitive.  


Transparent & flexible .  After received the construction pricing, the Client can then adjust/change of meterial or design to fit your budget.  Easy to control your overall budget in the early stage.


Regarding to the responsibility, as the designer is presenting the client, and NOT the contractor.  So that the Designer can offer a full protection, monitoring and quality control for the client.

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