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設計費 Design Fee 


需要設計地區: 香港

商業設計/ 家居設計 Commercial/ Home Design:  香港元 HK$150 / 平方尺 sqft

*香港地區設計最低費用為 $50,000

需要設計地區: 英國

商業設計/ 家居設計 Commercial/ Home Design:  英鎊 £10 / 平方尺 sqft

*英國地區設計最低費用為 £5,000

需要設計地區: 馬來西亞  

商業設計/ 家居設計 Commercial/ Home Design:   令吉 RM$ 60 / 平方尺 sqft

*香港地區設計最低費用為 RM$30,000


付費階段 Stage Payment

設計費用平均分為 3至 4個付費階段 (跟分期付款概念相若)。

可以在任何階段停止, 更保障客人利益。 歡迎與我們聯絡!

We will publicly disclose design fees for public reference and increase transparency. There are no additional costs and hidden costs.

The design fee is divided into 3 to 4 payment phases (similar to the concept of instalment payment). 

Stop any stage!  More to protect the interests of guests.

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Design Consultancy Concept


The Benefit of Design Consultancy Service (Responsibility & Concept)


  1. Design Focus: When design fees are separated from construction fees, design consultants can concentrate solely on the design development process. This removes the potential conflict of interest where designers might be inclined to push for higher construction costs to increase their own compensation. The primary focus becomes delivering high-quality design solutions that meet the client's needs, rather than financial gain.

  2. Client-Centric Design: With the design consultancy service being independent of the construction process, designers can truly prioritize the client's requirements and preferences. They can dedicate their efforts to understanding the client's vision and translating it into a well-executed design. This ensures that the design solution aligns with the client's objectives and enhances overall satisfaction.



  1. Transparency in Construction Costs: Separating the construction cost from the design consultancy allows for transparency. The client can openly welcome contractors to bid on the project, ensuring fair competition and obtaining competitive pricing. This transparency helps the client make informed decisions based on cost and quality, leading to a better value proposition.

  2. Budget Control and Flexibility: By receiving transparent construction pricing, the client gains the ability to adjust or modify the design or materials to fit within their budget constraints. This early-stage control over the overall budget empowers clients to make informed choices and ensures that the project remains financially viable.

  3. Design Protection and Quality Control: As the design consultant represents the client, they take on the responsibility of offering full protection, monitoring, and quality control throughout the construction process. They can closely oversee the implementation of the design, ensuring that it is executed as intended and meets the required quality standards. This safeguards the client's interests and ensures the design integrity is maintained.


In summary, separating design fees from construction fees allows design consultants to focus on      design development without financial motivations, enables transparency and flexibility in construction costs, provides budget control, and ensures the designer's responsibility for protecting the client's interests and maintaining quality control throughout the project.



  1. 設計專注:當設計費與施工費分開時,設計顧問可以專注於設計開發的過程,而不必過多考慮為了金錢而推高施工成本。也能夠真正根據客戶的需求進行設計。

  2. 客戶導向的設計:由於施工過程與設計諮詢服務分開,設計師可以真正優先考慮客戶的要求和偏好。他們可以專注於了解客戶的願景,並將其轉化為優秀的設計。這確保了設計方案與客戶的目標一致,增強了整體滿意度。



  1. 施工成本透明:將施工成本從設計諮詢中分離出來,可以實現透明性。客戶可以公開邀請承包商對項目進行報價,確保公平競爭並獲得具有競爭力的價格。這種透明性有助於客戶根據成本和質量做出明智的決策,提供更好的價值主張。

  2. 預算控制和靈活性:通過獲得透明的施工價格,客戶可以根據預算限制調整或修改設計或材料。在早期階段對整體預算的控制權使客戶能夠做出明智的選擇,確保項目在財務上可行。

  3. 設計保護和質量控制:作為設計顧問代表客戶,他們承擔全面保護、監控和質量控制的責任。他們可以密切監督設計的實施,確保按照既定的意圖執行並滿足所需的質量標準。這保護了客戶的利益,確保設計完整性得到維護。



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