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關於 About TIA

TIA Interior 是一間融入建築設計概念的香港室內設計公司。



TIA在美學與功能使用之間創造了完美的平衡。我們將智慧、活力和微妙的幽默融入我們的作品中,涵蓋設計的廣泛領域,包括辦公室、家居、教育和健康中心、藝術畫廊和產品設計。 TIA室內設計師滿足您的需求。

At TIA, our vision is to transform our clients' objectives into vibrant realities by seamlessly integrating innovative spatial strategies, distinctive creative designs, expert planning, environmental sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.


We believe in unlocking the true potential of each space while acknowledging its connection to the surrounding environment. Our vision is rooted in the perfect harmony between aesthetic beauty and functional utility.

TIA excels in injecting intelligence, vibrancy, and subtle humor into our designs, spanning a wide range of projects such as offices, homes, educational and healthcare facilities, art galleries, and product design. Our team of TIA Interior designers is committed to fulfilling your needs and creating spaces that truly resonate with you.

首席設計師 Principal Designer 


鄭添強 Tim Cheng

Josephine Gan


HK Tel: +852 28584268

顏小姐 Josephine

媒體採訪 / 社交媒體 Media Interview & Social 


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