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Our 1st Office

關於鄭林 About TIA


鄭林的願景,是在別具創意的空間策劃,耳目一新的設計,專業的規劃的基礎上,融入可持續性發展考慮和结合嶄新的科技,致力將客戶的概念體現於現實的生活空間之中。  我們的願景源自一個清晰的信念,就是要充分發掘空間的潛能,從而表現其個性和維繫空間與周邊環境的聯繫。

鄭林的室內設計作品盡顯美感與功能之間的完美平衡。每一件作品都是智慧、動態和含蓄幽默感的體現。此外,我們提供從商業設計, 家居設計, 裝修等一站式服務。

鄭林室內設計設計師為您量身打造獨特的室內設計,提供商業設計, 家居設計, 辦公室設計, 裝修等一站式服務。 滿足您的需要。 2020年 TIA [TIA Interior & PR SDN.BHD.] 在马来西亚吉隆坡开设了分行。

The TIA Vision is to translate our clients' objectives into a living reality by synchronising innovative space strategies, unique creative design, expert planning, environmental sustainability and state-of-the-art technology.


Our Vision is underpinned by a belief in unlocking the true potential and expressing the character of a space, whilst remaining cognizant of the connection to its exterior environment.


TIA creates the perfect balance between aesthetic beauty and functional use. We inject intelligence, vibrancy and subtle humour into our work, which covers the broad spectrum of design – from offices, homes, education and health centres to art galleries and product design. TIA Interior designer fulfill you need.  


In 2020, we opened a branch, TIA Interior & PR SDN.BHD., at KL Malaysia.

首席設計師 Principal Designer 

鄭添強 Tim


HK Tel: +852-28584268

Malaysia Tel: TBC

Joe Gan TIA Interior


HK Tel: +852-28584268

Malaysia Tel: TBC

顏婉如 Josephine
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