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腫瘤學家癌症中心 Oncologists Cancer Center

Cancer Center Clinic 2
Sacred Heart Oncologists Cancer Clinic C
Cancer Center Clinic 5
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Cancer Center Clinic 1
Sacred Heart Oncologists Cancer Clin
Cancer Center Clinic 4
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Cancer clinic floor plan







在我們的設計裏,我們利用曲線帶出生命力,動力,令到生病的病人感到力量。接待處的概念是根據醫生喜歡的大學及專業味道,利用胡桃木及歐陸式木線帶出感覺。 在每一幅木面長身上面,都是都是可以磁貼的,方便客人可以將專欄作品貼上。 在等候區大膽利用鏡面天花,減低2.3米非常低樓底的壓迫感!  其他工作房間就是用全白設計概念,帶出潔白清新。 再利用水晶弧形玻璃來間隔所有病房,在間隔玻璃上可以貼出不同時段的圖像,令客人帶出新鮮感。除此之外,由於雙層玻璃關係,在隔音及燈光效果特別顯著。 所有門窗都是用咗花瓣的設計概念延伸。 



TIA Clinic Design

Oncologists Cancer Center

Among the several layout concepts offered, client end up choosing the most difficult but most motivating design layout. Using the curve of [petal] shape as a design concept, it represents life!

The previous clinic of the client was traditional, and poor air flow.  All of this was improved.

In our design, we use the curve to bring out vitality and life feeling, so that the sick patients feel strength. The concept of the reception is based on the university and professional taste that doctors like, using walnut and continental wood cornice detail to bring out the feeling. On each of the wooden panel, they are all magnetically attached, so that you can paste the article works. Use mirrored ceilings boldly in the waiting area to reduce the pressure on the very low floor of 2.3 meters!  Other work rooms use the all-white design concept to bring out white and fresh and clean.  The crystal curved glass is used to separate all the wards, and the images of different time periods can be posted on the partition glass to bring a fresh feeling to the guests. In addition, due to the double-glazed relationship, the sound insulation and lighting effects are particularly remarkable. All doors and windows are extended with the design concept of the petals.

Mindful design makes this fine 1000-foot clinic a great strength and unforgettable experience!

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