Cantor Fitzgerald (HK) Office


設計師在其他公司任職高級設計師時為這投資公司作首次的設計! 其次為林室內建築設計公司(本公司)為他們繼續進行以後的設計及裝修。


在環球金融這個充滿競爭壓力的行業工作,一個舒適、保安度高、通訊發達的辦公室實在至為重要。Cantor Fitzgerald位於中環中心的辦公室,正符合這三大條件。





TIA HK Office Design

In the high-pressure world of global finance, an office that provides comfort, security and ease of communication is vital.


These newly expanded 8,000 square foot offices, for a global financial services firm at The Center, in Central, fulfil this brief with style, beauty and elegance.


Everything has been designed down to the very last detail, including where the intelligent audiovisual and myriad of computer systems should be located for best effect. This helped make the most of the tricky triangular layout of the floor space. Form and function combine so that practical needs were also met with elegant high-quality finishes, ergonomic American and-custom-made furnishings.


The floor plan is entirely flexible, allowing for some of the offices to be rented out to other companies. In the main office, each department has been carefully located so the flow makes them easily accessible and connected to other relevant divisions. For security reasons, it was important to locate the trading desk in the middle of the floor plan so that the office was only accessible to traders. An open pantry is also available when busy traders don’t have time for a lunch hour. This makes it easy for constant communication with colleagues and financial updates from the large television screen.

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