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荃灣眼科及白內障中心 Speci In Ophthalmology

眼科專科門診 eyes specialist clinic
荃灣眼科及白內障中心 Speci In Ophthalmology
眼科及白內障中心 Floor Plan
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在設計方面,我們在長方形空間中使用了曲線元素,營造出動感和力量!我們選用大自然的色彩和材料來營造柔和的環境,讓服務對象能夠感受到放鬆的氛圍!同時,我們也使用了診所品牌的 '綠色' 顏色,使客戶對該品牌更加深刻記憶!






在客人進入眼科醫生檢查室之前,會看到一幅弧形的木條電視間隔牆,它穿過特製的綠色玻璃間隔,營造出有趣的空間感!所有房間都使用這特製的綠色曲線玻璃作間隔,與對面的弧形木條間隔相呼應,彼此呼應!  弧形木條設計走廊不僅是有儲物功能,還增添了神秘感和生命力。


整個空間的規劃僅由微微彎曲的長走廊分隔左右兩側,使左右空間充分利用,空間實用比例非常高! 我們打造了一個非一般的眼科專科中心!

TIA Clinic Design

Speci In Ophthalmology

Our client chose the third branch as a new attempt of the medical brand, aiming to re-establish the brand image and improve the service quality! The clinic provides eye treatment, cataract treatment, optometry services, and more. What makes this time different is that our team is operating remotely from the UK. Remote operations included the initial phone call with the client, from design concept through material selection, 3D rendering and contractor quote, all the way to construction completion. We are grateful for the successful completion of the project, and the client is also satisfied and grateful to us!


In terms of design, we used curved elements in the rectangular space to create movement and strength! We use natural colors and materials to create a soft environment, so that clients can feel the relaxed atmosphere! At the same time, we also used the 'green' color of the clinic brand to make customers remember the brand more deeply!


After entering the store, you will first see the reception area, and on the left is the work space of the optometrist and the glasses display area. Guests can choose different styles of glasses at will, and we are specially equipped with Zeiss glasses testing equipment. The workbench of the optometrist adopts the concept of suspension, and the support structure is made of mirror steel, so that the table legs disappear in the environment.


There is a recessed area on the right, which is imagined as a chair in the shape of a long tree trunk for guests to wait. The background is a green forest background photographed by the guest himself. The green environment can soothe the eyes of guests!


Before guests enter the ophthalmologist's exam room, they are greeted by a curved wooden slatted TV partition wall that passes through a custom green glass partition, creating an interesting sense of space! All rooms use this special green curved glass as a partition, which echoes the opposite curved wooden strip intervals and echoes each other! The curved wooden strip design corridor not only has a storage function, but also adds mystery and vitality.


The planning of the entire space is only separated by a slightly curved long corridor to the left and right sides, making full use of the left and right spaces, and the ratio of space to utility is very high! We have built an extraordinary ophthalmology center!

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