Galerie Sho Contemporary Art Gallery

室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
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入口的一塊用作接待枱的堅固LG板,看似一座置於畫廊中央的優美結實的雕塑。畫廊的儲物室隱藏在牆內,可儲存部分藝術品。 作為一家藝術畫廊,其牆壁為白色,以免干擾畫廊裡的藝術作品及製造多餘顏色。





TIA Arts Gallery & Exhibition Design

This art gallery, which only entertains invited people, to successfully, we have to carefully design.  It brings out minimalism and allows each piece of art to be displayed in the best possible form.
For the interior design of this 1,000sqft space in Central, Hong Kong, the most important thing is to make good use of the space and make it a practical and pleasant gallery.
The rugged LG board at the entrance serving as a reception desk looks like a beautiful, sturdy sculpture placed in the center of the gallery. The gallery's storage room is hidden in the wall and can store some of the artwork. As an art gallery, its walls are white so as not to interfere with art works in the gallery and create extra colors.
The flexible ERCO lighting system used in the gallery is a museum specification and incorporates the latest LED technology. The light filter can be changed at any time, allowing the entire wall to illuminate the light, highlighting the true colors of the painting.
The gallery's Japanese proprietors have also opened similar galleries in Japan. They appreciate the design of the Hong Kong project and its high standards.

靈感自你 為你創造

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