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TIA Home Design

This Happy Valley apartment was designed to adapt to the needs of a young family with two rapidly growing young school-aged girls.


In the girl’s bedroom, the bunk bed can be separated and placed in a different configuration beside a dedicated desk area. The column in this bedroom was also covered with a magnetic surface on one side, and a white board on the other – perfect for incorporating some fun into learning.


The 800sq ft space was initially an empty shell, lacking much needed character. To address this problem, windows were enlarged for a better view of the surrounding area. A crystal glass gallery wall that runs the length of the dining room was designed as a versatile showcase to display paintings.


Focal points were also incorporated in the form of a pendant light in the dining room and recessed areas lined with walnut wood. These were built into the living, dining and master bedroom and provide a practical area to house collectables.


The abundant use of exposed load-bearing beams in the 50 year-old building also proved challenging to work with for reasons of fung shui. Furniture in the bedrooms had to be placed so that the beds were not underneath any of these beams.


To save space, the kitchen does not have a door; and only one door was installed between the two bedrooms. This also allows for improved airflow.


The apartment exudes a sense of openness that welcomes guests with an entry that is absent of corners or close internal walls. This spacious feeling is done with subtle design features that may not necessarily be noticeable on first inspection, but add to the overall impact. This is especially in evidence in the walls of the master bedroom and laundry areas where there are slight gaps in the walls to bring in more layers of light.

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