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雪白分層 Layers of Snow

家居設計 雪白分層 Layers of Snow Apartment (1)
家居設計 雪白分層 Layers of Snow Apartment (4)
家居設計 雪白分層 Layers of Snow Apartment (3)
家居設計 雪白分層 Layers of Snow Apartment (2)


坐立於畢架山一號,九龍區最貴地段的一個住宅單位。 遠望全九龍塘,天空與白雲。 今次業主希望單位能帶出一種高雅格調及高科技的應用空間。 


設計師首在科技方面,使用了智能家居系統貫通冷氣,電視音響,窗簾,燈光等在屋內或手機內控制! 燈光特別使用可調校光暗及顏色的LED,方便製造氣氛。 廁所設備方面,用了市場上最新型號智能及進化成無需水箱的座廁。 仔仔房更有獨立保安系統,通過才能進入。


在設計裝修方面,我們使用幾種層次表面的設計放在牆身上面。 牆身表面,由胡桃木面,到意大利A 級雪花白石面! 天花設計使用了宇宙及北斗七星的概念,去祝福屋主! 餐桌空間有花園般的玻璃展示屏風,配合着業主從意大利買來的實木樹形餐桌。 亦在部份牆身使用鏡面將窗外一流九龍塘美景帶入屋內! 

完成。 專業照片即將推出

TIA Home Design

Sitting on one of the most expensive sections of Kowloon, a residential unit on Beacon Hill. Wish to see the whole of Kowloon Tong, the blue sky and clouds. The owner hopes that the unit will bring out an elegant style and high-tech application.

Designers used technology such as smart home system to control air-conditioning, television audio, curtains, lighting, etc.  Remotely control from phone! Ceiling lights use dimming and color LEDs to facilitate atmosphere creation.  With regard to the toilet equipment, the latest models on the market have been used intelligently and evolved into toilets that do not require water tanks.  There is an independent security system in the son bedroom that can be accessed through.

In terms of design, we use several levels of surface wall design.  From walnut surface to Italian Class A Snow White Stone!  The ceiling design uses the concept of the universe and the Northern Stars to bless homeowners!  The dinning space has a garden-like glass display screen that matches the solid wood tree-shaped dining table that the owner bought from Italy. Also use mirrors on some of the walls to bring the beautiful view of Kowloon Tong to the house!

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