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大宅內置有不少主人特別鍾情的 B&B Italia 的家具和藝術品,全部來自他們在英國的家。設計師在家具和燈飾安排上提供了實際可行的建議,由於飯廳和大門走廊的不規則形狀較為奇突,要在這兩個地方作恰當的家具和燈飾安排,可謂特別考心思。然而,設計師最終都能克服各種挑戰,而且還提早三星期完成這項目,令大宅主人非常滿意。

TIA Home Design

This 3,000 square foot apartment on The Peak was renovated to a high-quality standard while keeping within a tight budget and timeline.


The result is a clean slate that allows the recreation of the comforts of home for a French expat and his family.


As the home is rented, the brief was to renovate as little as possible, while providing maximum impact.


Despite the tight budget, quality finishings and fittings were installed, including oak timber flooring throughout, custom made kitchen cabinets, and marble in the main bathroom and two ensuites.


The family’s beloved contemporary B&B Italia furniture and artwork was shipped from their former home in the United Kingdom. Advice was provided on the most functional way to arrange the furniture and lighting, a particular challenge in the oddly shaped dining area and entrance hall.


The project was finished three weeks ahead of schedule, much to the delight of the clients.

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