Nezu Asia (HK) Remodeling


設計師在其他公司任職高級設計師時為這日本投資公司作首次的設計! 其次為林室內建築設計公司(本公司)為他們繼續進行以後的設計及裝修。


主門口的那棵樹根藝術作品為公司名字的意思。 設計概念以博物館概念進行。因為客人喜歡收藏陶瓷古董,設計師借此為公司間隔及展示牆身! 利用黑色不鏽鋼作每一個展覽箱來的物料,亦研究出不反光不散光的困了使用方法,去配合內裏的LED燈光,令展品更為突出! 設計師亦設計出一個高科技的視像會議房。 配合着燈光,隔音,吸音,聲音等考慮在創作。 交易工作枱亦使用了德國DAS的品牌! 空間配合了藝術品及藍色的品牌地氈!

TIA HK Office Design

The designer made the first design for this Japanese investment company while working as a senior designer in other companies!  Later on interior design remodeling by TIA (the company).
The ‘Tree’ root artwork at the main entrance means the company's name. The design concept is based on the concept of a museum. Because guests like to collect ceramic antiques, the designers use this to space and showcase the walls of the company! Using black hairline stainless steel as the material for each exhibition box, we also researched the use of non-reflective and non-light-scattering methods to match the LED lighting in the interior to make the exhibits even more outstanding!  The designer also designed a high-tech videoconferencing room. Work with lighting, sound insulation, sound absorption, sound, etc. The trading desk also uses the German DAS brand! Space with artwork and blue branded carpet!

靈感自你 為你創造

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