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客人選擇了我們是因為喜歡我們當時是第一次設計兒童教育中心! 這樣在設計上我們變得獨特及創新!
















中心其中一道走廊裝有空心木管,敲擊木管可製造不同的音調,長管更與喇叭連接, 兩個分別處身這空間兩端的人可以遠距離交談。在另一個遊玩區裡,孩子可以隨意黏貼照片,或以特殊塗漆在牆壁上繪畫。





TIA HK Playgroup Design

This playgroup center in Sheung Wan has been designed to encourage children to learn through music.


Throughout the 5,000sq ft space, the classrooms are not the only areas built with little ones in mind. Everywhere (including the reception and hallways) presents an opportunity to play.


The unique environment has been scaled to a child’s size, stimulating children’s inquisitiveness and natural abilities.


This starts from the moment the child enters the foyer, where instead of a reception desk, there is a play area composed of mats and ottomans that can be re-configured into puzzles.


The reception desk glows like a light box and has been placed next to the shoe storage area covered in brightly coloured fabric.


The ceiling has been left exposed and painted black so that it appears to recede, with addition of round pendant lights making the low 2.1 meter ceiling seem higher than it actually is.


The entry to each classroom features a different musical theme. At the first classroom, children can dissect a wall puzzle that is made of magnets.


Another features large primary-coloured dots. Some of these are drums, which when struck make a noise. Others are just stickers. This encourages children to explore, while stimulating their colour recognition, coordination and hearing abilities.


One of the classrooms has balls on the walls and children are asked to place each ball in the correct hole.


In one hallway, hollow wood pipes provide various tones when they are hit with sticks. The long pipes also have speakers attached to them so that one person can speak to another at the other end of the room. And in another zone students are invited to paste photos or write on a wall that has been painted with a special coating.


Each classroom has various shaped windows that use single reflective mirror glass which parents can look through while avoiding disruption to the class.


Further interest is created in each classroom by cutting out an opening in the ceiling to reveal the ducting. Each room has a different shape and colour. This technique also helps keep costs low, especially important as the project was done on a tight budget.

靈感自你 為你創造

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