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香海正覺蓮社佛教梁植偉中學 HHCKLA Buddhist Leung Chik Wai College

學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
學校設計 School Design
Signed Reference Letter (HHCKLA Buddhist










走廊的浮牆,以鋁為主要物料,浮牆一直延伸到走廊末端,是有效把校內各學部(音樂、美術設計、宗教及電視電台廣播 )連接起來的橋樑。









TIA School & Exhibition Design

Sometimes, as in the case of this government school, sustainability is not just about using recyclable materials, but working with what you have got. The school wanted to build a 35m-long gallery wall to encourage students to participate in more art and design projects, in accordance with the government’s push for more creativity in schools.


Instead of demolishing the existing wall, it was decided that a series of panels attached to the structure would be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


And as the budget was limited, the design work was done on a pro-bono basis. A quick and cost-effective solution was needed. So in order to reduce costs, the panels were manufactured and assembled off site.


Aluminum was used as the backdrop for a new floating wall that runs along the corridor and continues around the corner. This serves as a way to connect all of the different departments which lead off the corridor – music; arts and design; television and radio; and religion.


The aluminum frame was designed to highlight the black eco panels made from 100 per cent recyclable materials. A rail also gives flexibility to the design, allowing teachers to hang the artwork in any configuration. To highlight the artwork, a long and continuous light drop box was installed.  


Signage was also updated. The previous door signage that used to hang in plastic boxes was removed in favour of aluminum strips that have been laser-cut and mounted on top of the eco panels, further uniting the overall design.


The corner of the design features a Buddhist mantra, which has been etched in acetate onto the glass in the religion area.


The result is a functional, holistic design which helps link all of the disparate departments. The continuous wall gives the whole space a bigger, harmonious and stronger feeling.

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