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Ticolat Tamura Limited Art Gallery

室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
室內設計 Interior Design
Signed Reference Letter (Ticolate Tamura








工作區和備有參考材料的書架隱藏於一道牆背後,客人來訪時不會看到畫廊工作人員在工作。 畫廊的儲物室隱藏在牆內,可儲存部分藝術品。 作為一家藝術畫廊,其牆壁和水泥地板的白色應為純白,而不沾染如粉紅或藍色等雜色,以免干擾畫廊裡的藝術作品及製造多餘顏色。





TIA Arts Gallery & Exhibition Design

Sometimes the simplest things are often the hardest to create.


The simplicity of this bare space which houses an invitation-only art gallery belies the thoughtful layout and design features created to display each artwork in the best possible way.


Working with a 1,000 square-foot space in Central, it was important to consider how the space would be used to create a functional and welcoming gallery.


The careful positioning of the layout delineates the areas that are to be used for the reception, work and client viewings.


The entrance opens onto a solid block of LG that acts as the reception desk and appears as if a piece of elegant, strong sculpture has been placed in the middle of the room.


The work areas and bookshelves with reference material are hidden behind a wall, so that when clients arrive they don’t see staff working.


Artwork can be stored in the storeroom that is concealed in the wall.


Being an art gallery, it was important to ensure each white used on the walls and concrete floor was a “true” white – without any pigment such as a pink or blue tinge. This could interfere with the paintings and create different colours in the art.


The lighting used is museum-quality and incorporates the latest in LED technology. The lighting system is flexible as the filter can be changed, allowing the whole wall to be washed out by light and revealing the true colours of the painting.


The French and Japanese owners also have a similar gallery in Japan and were impressed with the detailed and high-standard of work undertaken for this project.

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